Marjolein is an innovator in the world of fitness and health and believes that total body fitness requires complete integration of  
Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Marjolein Brugman

Bringing Pilates into the home

Marjolein Brugman has been credited with bringing Pilates into the home. Following a road accident when she was hit by a car and after months of rehab at The Pilates Institute, it struck her that the wonders of Pilates should be available to everybody, not just the rich and famous. Her quest for the affordable home AeroPilates reformer was born. This was nearly 20 years ago, now, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and walks of life workout on her machines, changing their well-being and outlook on life.

Now is your chance to experience the profound difference that AeroPilates has made to those people who have already discovered it. Joseph Pilates himself said that Pilates is the "fountain of youth". Marjolein is evidence itself, each year she appears to have more youth, energy and vitality. You can't spend time with her and not become an instant convert to the world of AeroPilates.

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Dear AeroPilates enquirer

Marjolein Brugman is an expert in the world of health and fitness

Congratulations on your smart decision to consider AeroPilates. Not only have you chosen the most sensible way to exercise, but you have made a wonderful commitment to your health and well-being that will make you proud. Incorporating my AeroPilates routine into your life, at least three days a week and more if possible, will change your life as it has dramatically changed mine.

Consistent use, attention to the quality of each movement and dedication to the belief that your body is capable of healing itself, in particular, that your body is able to correct imbalanced movement patterns, will help bring you the freedom from pain and injury that we all hope for as we age.

Allowing our bodies to weaken and fall into disrepair is a condition that a regular AeroPilates discipline will help prevent.

Join me, and the hundreds of thousands of AeroPilates users worldwide, in enjoying the ease of movement and youthfulness that comes with this simple and enjoyable 20 minute a day system that tones and strengthens your body, calms your mind and rejuvenates and enlivens your spirit so that you may easily live a life filled with vitality, beauty and grace.

Marjolein Brugman

Signature of Marjolein Brugman